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MY HOME 2016

Please do not hesitate to contact us at  for any questions or feedback you may have following the exhibition.  We will be very happy to receive your enquiry and we hope you enjoyed our products and the fair.

A special thanks is extended to all our team members for making this event successful.


The flux of visitors at Singapore Expo was more or less continuous since the opening (2nd July).


Starting with some of the top interior design firms, visitors are in for a treat as there are many completed projects for your reference and special packages only available at the show.


Those in search of original furniture will be able to find many items made of high quality natural material. Exhibits on display include imported furniture with various styles such as contemporary, modern, zen, garden, ethnic and more.


Home shows organised by Full House Communications are known to be generous and creative in gifts. All gifts are specially curated and imported from overseas to encourage shoppers to collect the gifts with their purchases.



Our shoppers were waiting in a LONG LONG queue with excitement to redeem a total of $18,000 cash prize for the lucky draw and $60,000 worth of free gifts of their choice!

snapshot1 (2)


The grand lucky draw is always conducted on-the-spot to ensure a high level of transparency. Winning entries are picked in front of shoppers and exhibitors and verified by members of the public. Results will be subsequently published in the papers and announced on official media.


This picture was shot at 11.50pm, symbolizing the very last deal and the end of our exhibition. The shoppers were still happily discussing the deals offered by our exhibitors even with the hall lights OFF !

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