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We are Singapore’s most established furniture fair and wedding fair organiser. We organise 4 to 5 major furniture fairs at Singapore Expo every year. Each exhibition takes up a massive space of 8,000 to 10,000 sqm. We are known for producing top home fairs in Singapore with over S$8 million turnover in sales per show!

Our foundation is built on our strength as an advertising agency. Having produced ad campaigns for the furniture industry for over two decades, our strong knowledge of furniture sales is insurmountable. We know what works best and at the same time, are always innovating to renew consumers’ interest. Our events always come with the most publicity, the biggest amount of free gifts, the best lucky draw prizes, the most interesting programmes and the nicest decoration.

The result of all the above is strong brand awareness for our events like My Home, Home Planner, March Home, etc. The recognition from industry players and consumers is testament of our accomplishments. Many of them see our events as the platform to launch their latest products. Our success has instilled confidence in a reliable pool of clients who follow us from fair to fair.

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