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What kind of publicity do you include?

Our comprehensive media plan includes all rounded coverage such as print, TV, radio, outdoor, electronic, social media, etc. The longstanding relationship we have with media owners also enables us maximum visibility whenever we hold an event.

What free gifts do you offer shoppers?

Our gifts are carefully sourced for their uniqueness and practicality. Shoppers are entitled to different gifts based on the value of their purchases to encourage higher spending. Our gift bags are often personalised with specific event titles for branding and memory recall purposes.

How is the lucky draw conducted?

We are known to have the biggest amount of cash prizes in addition to many attractive product prizes. In order to ensure fairness, our lucky draws are openly conducted on the spot. Winners are picked by visitors or exhibitors randomly selected at the fair and witnessed by members of the public.

Are there any special activities in your events?

Our events are filled with exciting programmes that includes participation from local and international celebrities. These include music and dance performances, cooking and floral demonstrations, talks and others. They not only lend glamour to the event but also attract media attention and more visitors to the fair.

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