The Angel For Your Little Kids, Elderly & Pet Owners

The materials used and designs of furniture, flooring, mattress etc. are most concerned in nowadays’ society. For instance, the flooring not only needs to prevent odor and inhibit the growth of stain-causing mildew, it has to be especially safer if they are families with little children and elderly. HOW? Adding cushioning effect to reduce impact during a fall could be a very good design.

Besides, we strongly believe that pet owners will be truly deeply happy to find some flooring and furniture which are ideal for animals as well since these brands are scratch resistant and waterproof!

With the participation from two of Singapore’s largest flooring companies, Evorich and Meridian consists of a wide variety of flooring materials available.

Image: Evorich

Image: Meridian

Of course, considering that you can’t stop your happy kids enjoy eating their ice-cream or old couple who are drinking wine on the sofa, because you are too worried that they will make your sofa dirty.


Image: Ritzhouzz

Put your worries aside! Ritzhouzz uses aquaclean technology and make premium quality sofas which are water proof fabric and you only need to use water to clean the surface of the aqua clean sofa if it is dirty! And yes, you may allow your pets to sit on your sofa because this is made in a truly friendly scratch worry free material!

Furthermore, people nowadays have a higher demand and requirement in choosing a great quality of mattress. Since a good sleep is very important for an active body and mind, there are a few brands which are quite amazing for old folks or children or you in order to have a good night’s refreshing sleep.


Images: Sleepnetics

Sleepnetics uses high-quality material which is non-allergic to the human body but instead provides the much-desired comfort. Reasons to buy Sleepnetics mattress are definitely because of their technology and kinetics brought in order to promote healthy sleeping. Meanwhile, the material used in the production is truly high quality. Needless to say, their mattresses are quite affordable prices as one of the top-quality products. Buy Sleepnetics today & feel the change in your sleeping patterns!


Image: Kingsdown

Only Kingsdown mattresses are designed to deliver scientifically-calculate personalized support for healthy and holistic sleep. It’s claimed that every square inch of the mattresses are made with superior materials. Not to mention, Kingsdown mattress is handcrafted with care. They are the only mattress manufacturer that tests every single mattress for support accuracy in order to deliver the proper ergonomic support our body needs.


Image: MaxCoil

Sleep on a chemical-free & eco-organic mattress for better health. This brand is known as a hypoallergenic, organic cotton and environmentally friendly mattress. MaxCoil also provides several types of mattresses; for instance, an optimal back support, soft & snug comfort, etc. which delivers great depth & softness.


Image: Sun Classic Décor

Specialized in custom-made curtains, blinds, wallpaper, upholstery and solar film, Sun Classic Décor’s aluminum and PVC Venetian blinds are water resistance whilst some of the roller blinds are water resistant as well.


Image: Eubiq

Designed and manufactured with the premium quality materials and processes, Eubiq is definitely flexible as it can be added, removed and re-positioned power outlets anywhere along the power track.


Image: Plus65 Digital

Who said you can’t buy security? Although Singapore is a very safe country, it is necessary to have a security system to protect our home. We highly recommend Plus65 Digital Lock which is secure enough for your home with better security! Ranging from Digital Locks, Door Viewers, Digital Safes, Doors, Metal Gates to Water Purifier/Water Filter, this home improvement product is something that you MUST have!


Image: Moli Lock

Or you can consider Moli Lock in order to have an awesome security system! It totally depends on you; nonetheless, get a security system as you can be a guardian to your own family!


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