Simplest Way To Improve Your Home With These (Attractive & Affordable) Furnishing

If you have limited budget or you only want to have some convenient and simple ways to make your entire home looks wonderful. You are lucky to read this post! There are a few brands which are highly recommended featured in this post. Let’s scroll down the page to find out what’s new & suitable for you!

Image: Amare La Casa

Buying too much clothes in 2018 but still, you are going to buy more to kick start 2019? The problem is do you have enough space to store your clothes? Look no further, we provide some clever wardrobe storage and solutions to save you!

Image: Lumiera Furniture


Image: Korean Wallpaper Supply

A simple home design will definitely become more interesting after applying stunning and classic wallpapers. The whole room can look extremely marvelous, believe it or not!

Image: Curtain K

Image: Wink Studio

Besides, you can change your curtains – a totally different styles and designs of the curtain – in order to create a totally modern and unique look of your home. It is just one of the ways to feel alive!

Image: Sun Classic Door

Image: Meridian Curtains & Flooring

Image: Bright House Lighting

Image: Zenterra Lighting (LED lighting)

Of course, if you would like to change and install modern and stylish lighting design, it is most welcomed. This is considered as one of the ways to create a refreshing look for your home too.


Image: Gabbeh Carpet


Moreover, rugs helps to brighten up a room whilst giving warmth and comfort for us to walk, sit or even lie on it. To some extent, this gives us a “softer” feel to the home as long as the carpet feels good, soft, and easier on the feet.


Image: HO HO Engineering (Wrought Iron Gate Specialist)

Image: The Floor Emporium

Image: Evorich Holdings

Well, if you are someone who love cooking. You should consider to install a quality and fire-resistant flooring.

Image: Ruhens

Image: Romans

Image: Romans

Image: TAME Promotions (Laundry System)

Knowing that you are not going to make any big changes for your home; we list some great home improvement brands for you because we believe that most of us take pride in our homes and we always find way to keep our homes looking fresh and incredible whilst equipping with functional and modern adornments.

Image: AP Trading

Image: Plus65 Digital Lock

Everyone of us just deserve to give our home a makeover regardless the budget we spend!

MyHome New Year Expo is back! Brands which are mentioned above are waiting for you to visit them if you are looking for a refresh and creative look for your home in 2019!

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