Now You Will Know Which Mattress Can Bring Happiness To You

How much do you value your mattress? Or have you ever questioned that the cost of a mattress is insanely high?

Anyhow, we feel like you should spend a few minutes to read this post because a good mattress means a lot for our overall health.

Along with good mood, nutrition and exercise, sleep is always recognised as an important contributor to good health. A mattress has to be comfortable and firm enough thus our body is properly supported during the sleeping process. Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep can contribute to depression, poor concentration, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Here’s why we always say that taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey.

Let’s think of this way, a good night’s sleep is important for a healthy life; nonetheless, it depends on the mattress that we choose to relax on. We feature a number of brands of mattresses in this post, you may want to read and see which mattress that you find is more suitable for you.


Image: Nature Rest

Image: Simmons

Image: Sleepnetics

Image: Sleepnight

Image:  Slumberland

Image: Spring Air

Image: Therapedic 

Image: Dream World

Image:  Eastman House

Image: Englander

Image:  Everbest

Image:  Four Star

Image: Intelli Sleep

Image: Kingkoil

Image: Kingsdown

Image: Magic Koil

Image:  Max Coil

Image: MyLatex


Last but not least, the most popular mattress types currently are innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Generally, these are the two types of mattresses that we can find in the market. Not to mention, memory foam tends to receive higher ratings in mattress reviews compared to their spring-filled counterparts despite innersprings are more commonly available. The price of these two categories is utterly similar, making it a matter of personal preference above all.

You may want to take your time and find the perfect mattress for you whilst it should be based on your need. Frankly, the “best” or “worst” mattress is entirely decided by the individual’s preferences. You’re more likely to end up satisfied if you know what you really want and thoroughly compare what is available.

Choose a great mattress to treat yourself better as you deserve it. Let’s stay healthy  in 2019!


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