Now You Can Sleep In The Country You Love

December is a month that most of us go travel in order to relax and pamper ourselves as we work like a cow for the entire year. BUT, taking leave to travel is not that easy…at least; you need to complete your work before travelling!

How to spend wisely with your year-end bonus? We have this amazing suggestion — get yourself a new mattress!

Let’s admit it; our lifestyle is way much different than the previous era. Work and life is not balance anymore. Nonetheless, everyone wants to have a healthy and rejuvenating sleep despite of the hectic work schedules and tiring days. Frankly, are you aware of the mattress option actually plays a huge role in giving a person a refreshing sleep?

We have several mattress brands that are manufactured in different countries, let’s imagine that you are now sleeping in the country that you love! A good sleep means a lot as well before you go travel!


To some extent, most of us have an American dream! Why not to check out the USA mattress brands and have a sweet dream?!


Image: Spring Air


Image: King Koil

Image: Slumberland


Image: Simmons


Image: Englander


Image: Eastman House



As one of the safest countries in the world, most of the people still enjoy staying in Singapore and the vibe of the city! The mattress brands below are from Singapore, whoever support local brand, here you go!


Image: Dream World


Image: Sleepnight

Image: Four Star


Image: Magic Koil


Image: Weltmeister

Claiming as German’s sofa master, Weltmesiter specializes in manufacturing premium quality furniture that are truly comfortable, reliable and modern. Their manufacturing process utilizes state of the art techniques i.e. compression to increase the durability of the raw material such as wood to withstand heavy usage. Nonetheless, the manufacturing techniques such as compression, is an unorthodox method which are not widely used in this trade!

These techniques in turn provide better durability and stability of material used in Weltmeister products for countless commercial purposes as well as residential products. Weltmeister is definitely for you who love unique quality products!



Malaysia is a heaven of delicious food; not to mention, they make great beds too! If you sleep for long hours but you still feel tired or body pain, it’s time to get a great quality and comfortable mattress! Good sleep is never a dream!


Image: MyLatex


Image: Intelli-sleep

They provide sleep systems, pillows, bedding accessories, home/office cushions, mattress overlays, travel sets, mattress protectors, bed frames and more.


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