No, You Can’t Fire Me!

Everyone has a fear of fire. That’s why it is important to have fire-resistant furniture in order to build a safer home.

Image: The Floors Emporium

For instance, The Floors Emporium is fire-resistant as it is graded Bf1 for fire rating because of its flame retardant and non-spontaneous combustion properties. A fire on its surface will last not more than 5 seconds and does not produce toxic or harmful gases.

Image: Stitch & Kit

Besides of the flooring, we also need to take care of the furniture selection such as Stitch & Kit, their furniture is resistant to water and stains. Not to mention, it is fire retardant that is certified proven!


Image: Magic Diatom Mud

If you are looking for natural paint which is in soft colour and eyesight protection or wall coating, you have to count on Magic Diatom Mud! This company uses eco-wall coating materials which does not contain formaldehyde VOCs or harmful substances. Besides, it is fire-resistant and does not contain toxic gases. It is also heat insulation, noise reduction, heat preservation and energy saving properties, etc. Magic Diatom Mud Earth Natural Paint really brings a lot of benefits to the public, and the most important thing is this brand is a Grade-A radionuclide levels meeting national standards!

And of course, Magic Diatom Mud Wall Coating is really unique than traditional paint and wallpaper as you can move in immediately after renovation and odor will be effectively removed from the house through the natural process. Magic Diatom Mud is quite suitable for countless types of indoor wall environments!

Now you can say this loud ‘No, you can’t fire me!’!


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