Fabulous People Live In Functional Home

Who doesn’t want to be fabulous? But how do fabulous people live like? Frankly, it is always vital to have a home that provide great comfortability and functionality.  Being fabulous is an option, and here we will tell you HOW.

So, if you are someone who are concerned about the quality of products at a truly affordable prices, look no further, these are the brands that you can look for.


Image: Germini Furniture

First and foremost, choosing a great quality and top-notch furniture at competitive prices is never a big deal if you count on Gemini Furniture. They use only top grade genuine leather, fabric or simulated leathers – these best materials used are sourced exclusively from all around the world – for their sofas, beds, mattress and chairs. Not to mention, Gemini Furniture has stringent quality checks and controls. You can fully trust this furniture wholesaler as their furniture is imported directly from their factories.


Image: Boulevard Outdoor Furniture

“Some Call Them Furniture; We Call Them Inspirations” – this is the slogan of Boulevard Outdoor Furniture. Thus, you can tell that they not only deliver premium quality and hand-woven outdoor furniture to customers, they also bring you the latest trends in outdoor furniture at astounding prices.

If you are looking for inspiring designs of highest quality and timeless appeal in order to complete your outdoor living experience, Boulevard is your best option!

Exciting news is Boulevard has SPECIAL promotion at Home Planner furniture & renovation fair, you may want to visit & grab this hottest deal back home!

Image: Sin Lighting

Besides, lighting is a crucial element of interior design as it enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambiance of a living space. You may want to consider Sin Lighting, as to be honest, lighting definitely helps to add style to the interior decor whilst creating a safe, warm and comfortable environment.


Image: AP Trading

In this 21st century, you have to admit that showerheads plays an important role in our daily life. With the improvement of the living standards in this modern world, showerheads are no longer required to have a simple cleaning function. People are now looking for advanced functions such as the water pressure, the level of water purification and water saving, etc. Well, you don’t have to scratch your head, let AP Trading helps you to solve your problem!


Image: Therapedic

From living room to bathroom, how can we not to mention the most important furniture in the bedroom? The mattress! It is a serious case that people may have depression, poor concentration, heart disease, etc. if we lack of sleep or have poor quality sleep.

Image: Everbest

Invest a premium quality and comfortable mattress such as Everbest or Therapedic definitely makes you to enjoy a fabulous life!


Image: Romans

Having a healthy lifestyle is achievable especially you are able to cook yourself because you are the one who can control the quality of meals. Romans Deli Cooker is gem because it can be used for a variety of cooking styles such as deep frying, slow-cooking, reheating, barbequing or toasting directly onto the glass panel. Not to mention, they also provide other products which are truly functional in this modern era.


Image: Romans


Image: Ruhens

Let’s be honest to yourself. How many glasses of water do you drink for a day, and how much do you care about the quality of water? If you answer is Not Sure or I don’t know, then you should really start thinking of adding a good habit – drink as much water as possible. You may want to start getting the number 1 Korea water purifier brand, Ruhens which have a truly quality ecosystem with premium filters in your lives. I mean, in your kitchen.


Image: Add Space

2018 almost comes to an end, the importance of refreshing your home equals to travelling abroad to recharge yourself. Add Space knows it well, and they offer attractive deals at Home Planner furniture & renovation fair, from 1-9 Dec 2018, waiting for you to bring along your floor plan in order to have a discussion.


Image: Add Space

Image: Add Space

Let the professionals provide you their suggestion before your home renovation starts. There are a number of interior designer firms participant in Home Planner furniture & renovation fair such as Add Space, In Interior, etc.


Image: In Interior Design

Image: In Interior Design

Image: In Interior Design

Be ready to get as much as inspiration from them if you don’t have any. Or if you are looking for an ID firm to execute the ideas that you have in your mind, then you have to really join Home Planner!


Many great brands will be at Home Planner Furniture & Renovation Fair, RSVP now at https://bit.ly/2PncXXc to receive FREE gift!


Kindly visit us for more details & attractive offers!

Date: 1-9 December 2018 (Sat-Sun)

Time: 12 noon – 10 pm

Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 4

Admission: FREE

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