Simplest Way To Improve Your Home With These (Attractive & Affordable) Furnishing

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If you have limited budget or you only want to have some convenient and simple ways to make your entire home looks wonderful. You are lucky to read this post! There are a few brands which are highly recommended featured in this post. Let’s scroll down the page to find out what’s new & suitable [...]

Fabulous People Live In Functional Home

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Who doesn’t want to be fabulous? But how do fabulous people live like? Frankly, it is always vital to have a home that provide great comfortability and functionality.  Being fabulous is an option, and here we will tell you HOW. So, if you are someone who are concerned about the quality of products at a [...]

No, You Can’t Fire Me!

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Everyone has a fear of fire. That’s why it is important to have fire-resistant furniture in order to build a safer home. Image: The Floors Emporium For instance, The Floors Emporium is fire-resistant as it is graded Bf1 for fire rating because of its flame retardant and non-spontaneous combustion properties. A fire on its surface [...]

Live With Style

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Believe it or not, style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. You take care of the way you dress, why not your home? Plan well and create your own style right now, it’s never too late to live with style!   Image: Yang Hua First and foremost, the furniture plays a crucial [...]

Natural Beauty Is The New Black

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Being natural is such a gem. When it’s a world that is full of trends, some people would like to remain a classic. Most of the homeowners are looking for simple yet sleek and elegant design. Needless to say, there are some people would love to protect the earth by using eco-friendly materials. If you [...]

The Angel For Your Little Kids, Elderly & Pet Owners

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The materials used and designs of furniture, flooring, mattress etc. are most concerned in nowadays’ society. For instance, the flooring not only needs to prevent odor and inhibit the growth of stain-causing mildew, it has to be especially safer if they are families with little children and elderly. HOW? Adding cushioning effect to reduce impact [...]

The Saviors Of Your Tiny Home

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The space of the majority homes in Singapore are quite limited; however, it didn’t stop the people for buying houses in this sunny land due to everyone is looking for a very personal space to stay in. Hence, the furniture chosen is very vital in order to fit to the home setting. If you are [...]

“新家博览会” Home Planner 2018

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新加坡博览中心一年一度最大规模的跨年家具与室内设计展“新家博览会”Home Planner来了!除了迎合大部分屋主希望在农历年前弃旧迎新更换家具和装修的需要,加上最近有很多地区的新房子落成,屋主都急于尽快完成新家布置,因此参展的本地名牌优质家具厂商和进口商纷纷引进许多欧美最新款的布沙发和皮沙发,以及各种风格的原木家具,其中一些按本地户型进行了改良的设计,不但省位,还增加了许多隐藏的储物空间,让房子既保持整洁美观,使用起来更切合本地屋主的需要。

Kitchen! I Like it!

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The beauty of planning for your own kitchen is that you get to design it according to your needs. Some like their kitchen to be the main focus of their home with an island and lots of space for cooking and preparation. Others prefer to keep it simple with a pantry-like kitchen so they can utilise the space for other purposes. Whatever your requirements, there are packages to suit all needs at The Big Furniture Fair.

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