The Saviors Of Your Tiny Home

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The space of the majority homes in Singapore are quite limited; however, it didn’t stop the people for buying houses in this sunny land due to everyone is looking for a very personal space to stay in. Hence, the furniture chosen is very vital in order to fit to the home setting. If you are [...]

Loft! I Like it!

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Loft design is getting more popular in landed properties or high ceiling apartments and flats. Having a loft room at home is not just practical, but also enhances aesthetics and gives you more room for creativity. For instance, a loft in the children’s room can increase the work, play and sleep area for junior. Whereas, a loft in the living room can mean a private TV room, a cosy reading area or a place to entertain friends. See more loft designs set up at The BIG Furniture Fair.

Living Room! I Like it!

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The living room is a great place to show off your personality, but to ensure it can adapt to your changing style, stick to neutral walls, and key furniture items such as a sofa and ottoman. You can always add colour and patterns through mid-scale items and accessories such as rugs, cushions, throws, mirrors, lamps and artwork.

Kitchen! I Like it!

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The beauty of planning for your own kitchen is that you get to design it according to your needs. Some like their kitchen to be the main focus of their home with an island and lots of space for cooking and preparation. Others prefer to keep it simple with a pantry-like kitchen so they can utilise the space for other purposes. Whatever your requirements, there are packages to suit all needs at The Big Furniture Fair.

Warm & Refreshing Home

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This modern contemporary home gives off a natural and refreshing feel that comes off naturally from the choice of materials used – a harmonious combination of wood, marble and greenery. The designer had in mind a relaxing and warm home that allows the privacy of personal space yet enough room for communal activities for the whole family.

Maximising Your Wall Storage

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In Singapore, a usual grouse from homeowners is that our houses are too small, and we’re constantly running out of space at home. It is therefore not surprising that homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to maximise our interior spaces and make our homes go the extra mile. One way of introducing more storage into your home without buying new furniture or undergoing major renovations is by tapping into your wall space. Here are a couple of useful pointers to help you get started.

Home Flooring 101

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One of the things about picking out your home flooring is that it doesn't just have to look good; it must be practical as well. With the large variety of flooring options and designs on the market today, it is possible for homeowners to pick out specific floorings to suit the functionality of the room, while at the same time ensuring that it fits in with the overall design scheme. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the most commonly found flooring options as a handy reference for you.

Home Décor Trends: Granny Florals

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One of the hottest interior design trends this year has got our inner flower girl crying out for joy – bold granny florals. Drawing inspiration from big nostalgic florals from the past, these prints would remind you of all the good things about your grandmother – the pastel colour palettes coupled with a sensitivity for beautiful prints. Given how eye-catching granny floral prints are, we say use them sparingly to create an eclectic and effortless thrown-together look. Here are some stylish ways to incorporate this beautiful trend in your home.

Paint Your Home Like a Pro

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Painting your house is no doubt one of the most important aspects of your home renovations. While the task may seem deceivingly simple (just pick a colour from the catalogue, right?), you might soon find yourself overwhelmed by mind-boggling details that range from picking the right paint finishings, to the ratio and proportion of paints used in each room. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to give you an overview of the most important considerations when painting your home; in no time, you’ll be painting like a pro!

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